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"Scuba Bob"
(lyrics & music by Joe Braverman)

If ever was a man

at ease with manatees, 

it was Scuba Bob 


Friendly with anemones

Ocean currents were his breeze,

jellyfish, his stinging bees


Whales would entertain him with their tales

He reached out to the hammerheads
They were glad to clip his nails

He led a bubble life,
kept secret from the boaters and their sails


And the only times he didn't feel well

were the times when his mask didn't seal well

The trouble was the bubbles
that escaped due to his stubble


Detective Snooparoni once called upon Bob (with a heavy sigh),

"I've got a case with a heavy lid.."

Bob said, "Yo, Tony, I'll help you (before the ink runs dry)
I'll help you  find your squid

I only ask you one thing, for my help (and for a quid) 

A big ol' bag of kelp (It is my favorite dish)

And remember, 
It takes a village to raise a man,
but a manta ray's a fish

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