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"Apple Calypso" (single, 2023)

1. Apple Calypso
2. Tip Your 'Tender

all songs written by Brad Kleiman/Jim Williams

artwork by Brad Kleiman


"Apple Calypso"

Apple calypso
It’s only soft if you say it is
Annabelle tiptoes
into your loft with Renee and Liz


Quadruple pow wow
Now is the time to collaborate
Tolerable sound cloud
Crouching behind those we tolerate


But apple calypso
is the path to entitlement
Don’t grapple with ego
It’s not math, it’s a vitamin


Good in small doses
That’s the tagline we’ve jousted for
But you all knows it
Man and equine in mounted war

"Tip Your 'Tender"

Tip your hat
Then tip your ‘tender
Ingratiate yourself
to the filler of your stein

equips your bender
with liquid fuel, top-shelf,
for the spiller of the wine

A little pocket pittance
That’s all it takes you
It makes all the difference
It won’t really break you

There’s no obligation,
but much appreciation
When you sprinkle the oregano,
you don’t realize just how far that goes
Stretches for miles
It’s in their smiles

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