"Standing In A Forest"
(single, 2020)

1. Standing In A Forest

written by Jim Williams/Brad Kleiman
performed by Acorn Slim

artwork by Brad Kleiman


Noise is the news
Boys, tell this world
This, my prayer, this window,
shut, it’s for the world

Standing by his woman
on a citizen’s time
All I am
is all I got,
a blend of soft light
and soft sighs

Another broken story
Painting and a-stitching, then get off
He wrote me another of his stories,
and never wanted yours

Time is up, and I pulled my lust
A lady loves this man
The boy of your
distorted shore
is soft light
and soft sighs

Standing in a forest,
sinking down to the road
Pause by a sidewalk stylus
I want my juice, she’s mine

I grabbed my charging story
Up my leg, the storm has started
She’s got love
It’s all in her
soft lies
soft sighs