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"Sheila's Toe"
lyrics: Brad Kleiman
music: Brad Kleiman & Jim Williams

for @kimberlin_brown 

Bear with me
Got a grizzly tale
Found a little piggy
with a painted nail

Somebody seems
to have left something behind
Recovered only one toe
Who wears the other nine?

This looks to be a tricky case
Got a feeling there's a lot we don't know
An incomplete foot race
We ain't got Sheila,
but we've got her toe

Looks to be a mauling
There were tell-tale signs,
but nothing more apalling
than what Sheila left behind

Among the claw-marked bark
and fur-tangled hair,
right in the national park,
someone left something there

We're on a wild chase
Hot on the heels of a manipulative pro
Still haven't found a trace
We're in pursuit of Sheila
Where she is, we don't know
We ain't got Sheila,
but we've got her toe

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