"Leotard Ladies"
(single, 2020)

1. Leotard Ladies
2. Leotard Ladies (G.L.O.W. version)

written by Jim Williams/Brad Kleiman
track 1 performed by Acorn Slim
track 2 performed by Brad Kleiman

mixed by King Killer Studios crew

artwork by Brad Kleiman


Trouble tends to seem 10 miles away
when travelling at night
on firecrackers, steam, and methedrine
It’s an egregious flight

Ultra-love is a dreamer’s death
Drink my life, tastes fine
Experimental king did his handstand
Many sharks were found

Alone, I sit and I find
better, better, better, better save my spot
This time I missed my line
and I can’t fly

I’m thinking of her dancin’,
thinkin’ of her spinnin’
Baby, where’s my smokes?
Where’s my light? I can’t stand it
Better, better bake

This night, she’s a vision
and I’m looking like an old fine rose
think I can try to make a stand
yeah, take a stab, though I don’t know

I love that dance that she does
the cinnamon, the sage, and thyme
holding on, can’t stay long

I’m now thinkin’ ‘bout trees and a meadow
and we play in the gazebo
Wham bam, think I’ll make a stand
but all I can do is
think about home

I’m on a one-way trolley,
waiting for the sandman to collar me
Wham bam, think I’ll take a stab,
but, no, I know I won’t...