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"Eh, Why Not!?"
(compilation, 2016)

1. Jackie Puppet (live)
2. Opening Day (Byron's mix) lyrics
3. The Hang-Up (BK version) lyrics
4. Beer Bottle Song (rehearsal)
5. Beer Garden (Muzak version)
6. Beer Garden (live) lyrics
7. Opening Day (live) lyrics
8. Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar (live) lyrics

Jackie Puppet:
Acorn Slim - vocals/guitar/beer bottle
Brad Kleiman - vocals/guitar
Saxy Joe - sax/flute/vocals/beer bottle
Glenn Hillman - drums (tracks 7-8)
Grace Bergere - bass (track 7)

Ricky - drums (track 4-5)
Josch Boris Khodakovsky - bass (track 8)

tracks 1 & 8 written by Jim Williams
tracks 2, 5-7 written by Brad Kleiman
track 3 written by Jim Williams/Brad Kleiman
track 4 written by Jim Williams/Brad Kleiman/Joe Braverman/Ricky

track 1 & 6 recorded at Crossroads, Garwood, NJ
track 4 recorded at King Killer Studios, Brooklyn, NY
track 7 recorded at Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ
track 8 recorded at Fifth Estate, Brooklyn, NY

artwork by Brad Kleiman

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