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"Leotard Ladies"
(lyrics by Jim Williams/Brad Kleiman; music by Jim Williams)

Trouble tends to seem 10 miles away

when travelling at night
on firecrackers, steam, and methedrine
It’s an egregious flight

Ultra-love is a dreamer’s death
Drink my life, tastes fine
Experimental king did his handstand
Many sharks were found

Alone, I sit and I find
better, better, better, better save my spot
This time I missed my line
and I can’t fly
I’m thinking of her dancin’,thinkin’ of her spinnin’
Baby, where’s my smokes?
Where’s my light? I can’t stand it
Better, better bake

This night, she’s a vision
and I’m looking like an old fine rose
think I can try to make a stand
yeah, take a stab, though I don’t know
I love that dance that she does
the cinnamon, the sage, and thyme
holding on, can’t stay long

I’m now thinkin’ ‘bout trees and a meadow
and we play in the gazebo
Wham bam, think I’ll make a stand
but all I can do isthink about home
I’m on a one-way trolley,
waiting for the sandman to collar me
Wham bam, think I’ll take a stab,
but, no, I know I won’t...

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