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"Game Of Hope"
(lyrics & music by Jim Williams)

Do you really give a damn

About a baby born in Bethlehem?
Or three wise fools who followed a star
To bring him gold, frankincense, and myrrh?

So we've been told he lived a perfect life
His fate a superhuman sacrifice
And when he'd looked Death in the eye
Returned and said "everything's alright."

Wintertime is madness when the world's all dead and cold
Another one gone, another one down, another one's left alone
Let's put the kids the bed, so they can lie awake and wait
for a man with gifts, riding on a sleigh
but you and I will hold each other tight, sit here by the fire 
knowing that love and life were always meant to die
but for now, let's pretend, and play our Christmas game
That life is good, man is kind, love will save the day
and if we play it long enough, baby we'll make it through
so with all my hope and al my heart, I'll just sing to you

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas (4x)

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