Dr. Lou's Place
Roebling, NJ

Opening Day
Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar
Tricky Grey Sky
Charlene Whittenburg (From Phoenicia)
Rock & Roll Reenie
Beer Garden
Jane Crazy
The Hang-Up (as Jackie Town)
Cocapina (as Jackie Town)
Twenty-Two (as Jackie Town)
What I Like About You (Romantics cover)
I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges cover)

band members:
Slim (vocals/guitar)
BK (vocals/guitar)
Saxy (sax/vocals)
Hill (drums/vocals)
Sarah Morgan (vocals) - Jackie Town
Nicole Magnani (vocals/keyboards) - Jackie Town
Ceez (drums) - Jackie Town

guest musicians:
Dr. Lou (bass)

other acts:
Dr. Lou & Friends
Stupid Town

photos by Alyssa