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JP - 12-30-22 - by Dennis Young.JPG

December 30, 2022
Bowery Electric, New York, NY
w/ Skitzopolis, Sideslam

Guinea Pig Trip
Billionaires In Outer Space
Puff Piece/Hatchet Job
Sheila's Toe
Just Desserts
Daylight Robbery
(Not The Horse You Rode In On)
Staten Island Rinkadink
2000 Man (KISS/ Rolling Stones song) - w/ Bo Roca & Scotty Skitzo
Bitter Days
Dick In My Hand

Acorn Slim - vocals/guitar
Brad K - vocals/guitar
Saxy Joe - sax/flute/vocals
Dean Rane - drums
Hill - percussion
Bo Roca ("Ace") - vocals
Scotty Skitzo (Skitzopolis) - vocals

photo by Dennis Young
(l-r): Brad, Slim, Saxy

photo gallery by Ray Bally
video ("Sheila's Toe") by Robyn

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